What is the Cache-Cache Experience?

Cache-cache means “hide and seek” in French. The Cache-Cache Experience is based on the idea that God likes to play, leaving hints of His presence in our lives and in the world. Like a good father, He coughs and bumps the furniture wanting us to look for Him, wanting to be found. He leaves hints of His presence in our lives and in the world, particularly in art, beauty, design and his ultimate creative expression – people. When we take time to seek Him around us and within us, we find that He is truly hidden in plain sight.

How does it work?

Cache-cache is a walk, a journey, a discovery, a spiritually creative experience. Basically we hang out in Paris or Amsterdam for three days of astonishment, curiosity and wonder. We meet in different places in the city that have had spiritual significance in history, and we visit local galleries to be inspired by seeing the world in new ways. There is also some time to spend alone in the city. An inspirational package helps guide you in your own encounter with transcendence in the midst of the city. And hopefully you can document your experience with sketches, poetry, video, photography, music, etc….

We experiment following Jesus’ example as He walked around in the fields and countryside. He stretched out His hand, took some wheat and observed that unless a grain of wheat dies, it remains alone. While Jesus lived in a rural age, we live in modern, cosmopolitan cities; but we can also read the metaphors around us. Where do we see examples of truth and life portrayed around us? Where are signs of Gods presence in the world? How do we see His Spirit moving?