Why play cache cache?

  • To learn to see signs of Gods presence around you.
  • To become more aware of His presence within you.
  • To allow your creativity to enhance and expand your spirituality.
  • Since this is not always natural or easy, that’s why we practice “playing” together!

You must become as a little child –Jesus

This invitation is grounded in the firm belief that God desires to connect with us human-beings. Doing / playing cache-cache is jumping into the deep, hoping and trusting that the connection will become tangible. For this, we open ourselves to growing up spiritually and living our lives as adult believers; growing out of seeing God at work only in the Bible or the lives of others and practicing recognizing Him in today’s postmodern cities and in our own lives.

Cache-cache is a non-conference. You don’t come to listen to expert speakers but to practice your own spirituality. The three days offer a space and a time for a unique opportunity to play on the playground of a beautiful European city together with others on the same journey. In the midst of everyday routines, it’s often difficult to find the time or space for this kind of journey or hard to get started on your own. Together, we create a bubble in time in which it’s OK to try things out, to look and listen for God in the world, to discover and play with new metaphors, to practice and experiment, to be affirmed by others and inspired by their experiences.  Opportunities are offered for personal reflection, worship and prayer – for seeking and enjoying beauty and hope around you and within you.