One Day Sampler à Paris

We are really excited about our Cache-Cache day in Paris this Saturday 10 Septembre. Here’s the schedule for the day…

time / activity
10h Café Français (outside), Place de la Bastille
11h Experiencing art together, Le Marais
13h30 Picnic Lunch, Place des Vosges
15h Visit Basillique Sainte-Clotilde behind Assemblée Nationale
16h Seeking inspiration in your own way, Paris
18h Hexagon lake, Jardin de Luxembourg
19h Diner at Pub O’Prince, 52 rue Monsieur le prince
21h Vernissage at RTR, 42 rue Volta

98…99…100… Ready or not here we come!!!

A Sample Day…

10h00 Coffee at the Bastille where Jeanne Guyon* was imprisoned
11h00 Experiencing art together
14h00 Lunch together in Pub where Blaise Pascal* lived
16h00 Seeing inspiriation in your own way…sketch in a park…write at a café…stroll along the river…explore a museum
20h00 Picnic along the Seine joined by local artist friends

* We will often meet at spiritually significant places and be inspired by how God was found in the past.